A Passion in the Making

July 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Guys!!!! Ahh, I am so excited!

As you have probably read in my posts before, this year, I have been focusing on really refining my talent and driving my passion for all things photography...

Well a time comes in every photographer's life... ;) 

When they are terrified to shoot their first wedding. Yes, I am spilling the beans. It is absolutely normal and true. It's just a part of growing  up.

For years I avoided working weddings, even though I always had an insanely strong urge to jump right in... Well THIS is the year! 

I captured a small church ceremony in February and realized that it was not just a crazy, chaotic, stress filled day. There was time to set back, take in the day, feel the LOVE and capture a couples amazing moments for them to keep forever.

Well in March I connected with another local wedding photographer, Sarah Kelly, with Sarah Elizabeth Photography and... something amazing was born! 

I began working with Sarah on 2nd shooting weddings in late April and OH MY GOODNESS.. what in the world is wrong with me. Why have I been depriving myself of such a truly amazing and in comparable experience! 

Reality check.. 


(I also absolutely adore shooting weddings with Sarah, she is a blast and I can't wait to work more with her!)

So as I gear up for my first big wedding as the lead shooter. I thought it was time to share a bit of what I have been up to on weekends in the past month. 

Without further ado.. Here are the first two weddings I was lucky enough to be the second shooter of  Sarah Elizabeth Photography. 

Enjoy these dreamy moments I captured and glimpses into some truly AMAZING couple's day. 

Oh and for the third one.. keep an eye out for another post very, very soon! :) As just a little sneak.. see the header. Yes, a waterfront wedding, coming soon!


Karen & Wilber Ramirez 

Stained Glass,  Small Town & Sweet, Sweet Milkshakes 


Ashley & Justin Collins 

A Rainy & All Around Amazing Day!



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